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·Some details are not shown. Please refer to specification sheets for all information.


Final Control Elements

(linear type; max. thrust 3000 N)

Functions & Features
• Control valve actuator drive
• Lightweight, compact design
• High reliability without electrical contacts
• Friendly user interface
• High resolution stepping motor
• Failsafe (safety shutdown) function optional

MODEL: PSN1–4[1][2]–[3][4][5]

• Code number: PSN1-4[1][2]-[3][4][5]
Specify a code from below for each of [1] through [5].
  (e.g. PSN1-421-AK3/E)
• Use Ordering Information Sheet (No. ESU-4857). Default setting (table below) will be used if not otherwise specified.

4: 0 to 40 mm (0” to 1.57”)

1: 1500 N use
2: 3000 N use

1: M14 male screw, pitch 1.5
2: Stem button

A: 4 – 20 mA DC (Input resistance 250 Ω)
6: 1 – 5 V DC (Input resistance 1 MΩ min.)

AC Power
K3: 100 – 120 V AC 
(Operational voltage range 90 – 132 V, 47 – 66 Hz)
 (CE not available)
L3: 200 – 240 V AC
(Operational voltage range 180 – 264 V, 47 – 66 Hz)
DC Power
R: 24 V DC
(Operational voltage range 24 V ±10 %, ripple 10 %p-p max.)

Failsafe Function (emergency use)
blank: Without
/E: With
Wiring conduits
blank: G 1/2"
/C: G 3/4"
(Not available for option /E)

• Manual operation handle (model: HPSN)
• Programming Unit (model: PU-2x)
• Backup battery (model: PSN-BAT)

Degree of protection: IP66
Action: Direct or reverse; field selectable with DIP switches
In “reverse” action, the output stem is retracted with an input signal increase.
Operation at abnormally low input: Extend, retract or stop; field selectable with DIP switches
Detectable input drop level: 0.37 ±0.1 V DC; converted into voltage
Wiring conduits: G 1/2 female thread (two)
(G 3/4 female thread (two) for /C)
Terminal block: 7.62 mm pitch; M3 screw terminals (torque 0.5 N·m)
Screw terminal: Nickel-plated brass
Housing material: Diecast aluminum
Coating:  Silver color
Drive: Stepping motor
Insulation class: E
Power control element: Power MOS-FET
Position detection: Brushless angle sensor
Full-open and full-closed positions: Any point within the full stroke; minimum stroke 8 % of the full stroke; field adjustable with control buttons
Full-open/-closed (extended) signal adj.: 0 – 25 %
Full-open/-closed (retracted) signal adj.: 75 – 100 %
Extended side limiter adjustment: -5 – +25 %
Retracted side limiter adjustment: 75 – 105 %
Deadband adjustment: 0.1 – 5.0 %
Restart limiting timer adjustment: 0 – 30 sec.
Opening/closing speed adjustment: 0.30 – 5.65 mm/s
Failsafe target position adjustment: 0 – 100 % (with failsafe function only)
  AC powered:
 Signal to power to sequential signal to battery status (with failsafe function only) to metallic housing
  DC powered: Signal or power to sequential signal to battery status (with failsafe function only) to metallic housing
  AC powered:
 3 A (replaceable)
  DC powered: 4 A (replaceable)
Protective functions: Error detection, abnormal temperature increase protection, motor preheat
Power indicator: Green LED turns on with power supplied.
Input indicator: Green LED turns on with normal input
Alarm indicator: Red LED turns on in error; blinks in 1-sec. intervals when abnormal temperature increase is detected.
Manual operation: Available
Adjustments: Programming Unit (model: PU-2x); Full-open/full-closed positions, extended/retracted side limiters, full-open/full-closed signals, split range, opening/closing speed, deadband, restart limiting timer, failsafe opening/closing speed (with failsafe function only), failsafe target position (with failsafe function only)
■ Battery (failsafe function option)
Battery chemistry
: NiCad
Battery ambient temperature
  Charge: 0 to 55°C (32 to 131°F)
  Storage: -20 to +55°C (-4 to +131°F), short term
-20 to +45°C (-4 to +113°F), long term
  Battery life: Rechargeable up to 500 times; or 3 years, whichever is shorter, depending upon conditions of use
Drive capacity: Once
Charge method: Trickle charge after full rapid charge
Charge time: 180 minutes (completely discharged)
Battery status indicator LED: Turns on with full charge; turns off with the power removed.
Charge indicator LED: Turns on during rapid charge

■ DC Current: Input resistor incorporated
• Forced Operation: External contact signal input terminals provided for compulsory retracting or extending operation
Rating: 5 V DC @ 2.5 mA
Detection levels:
≤ 500 Ω, ≤ 1 V for ON;
≥ 10 kΩ, ≥ 4 V for OFF
 Split Range: Specify split range type and split point.
Split range type: LO or HI
Split point: 30 – 70 %

■ Position Signal: 4 – 20 mA DC
Load resistance: ≤ 300 Ω
• Sequential Control Signal: "Full-open", "full-closed" and "alarm"
Open collector: 30 V DC @ 100 mA max.
Saturation voltage: 1 V DC
■ Failsafe Function (optional)
Battery status output
: Outputs a signal in synchronization with the battery status indicator; ON with full charge and OFF with the power removed.
Open collector: 30 V DC @ 100 mA
Saturation voltage: 1 V DC

Power consumption
AC: Approx. 240 VA
DC: Approx. 3 A
Operating temperature: -25 to +55°C (-13 to +131°F)
Battery rechargeable within 0 to 55°C (32 to 131°F) with faisafe function.
Operating humidity: 30 to 85 %RH (non-condensing)
Vibration: ≤ 2 G (19.6 m/s2)
Mounting position: Upside-down mounting prohibited
Weight: 5.9 kg (13.0 lb)
7.2 kg (15.9 lb) with failsafe function

Resolution: 0.04 mm
Insulation resistance
  AC powered
: ≥ 100 MΩ with 500 V DC
(signal to power to sequential signal to battery status (with failsafe function only) to metallic housing)
  DC powered: ≥ 100 MΩ with 500 V DC
(signal or power to sequential signal to battery status (with failsafe function only) to metallic housing)
Dielectric strength
  AC powered
: 2000 V AC @ 1 minute
(signal or metallic housing to power to battery status (with failsafe function only) to sequential signal)
500 V AC @ 1 minute (signal to metallic housing)
  DC powered: 2000 V AC @ 1 minute
(signal or power or metallic housing to battery status (with failsafe function only) to sequential signal)
500 V AC @ 1 minute (signal or power to metallic housing)

EU conformity:
EMC Directive 
  EMI EN 61000-6-4
  EMS EN 61000-6-2
Low Voltage Directive 
  EN 61010-1
  Installation Category II
  Pollution Degree 2
  Signal or metallic housing or seq. signals or battery
  status (with failsafe function only) to power: 
  Reinforced insulation (300 V)
RoHS Directive
  EN 50581

• Error Detection
- When the position signal is deviated from the input signal but the output stem is stuck due to overload or certain malfunction, the PSN repeats starting the motor at the maximum torque for several items. If the stem is still stuck after that, the PSN outputs an alarm signal (LED turned ON) and stops power supply to the motor. 
- In order to reset the PSN, apply several times 0 % and 100 % input signals in turn, or turn off and on the power supply.
• Abnormal Temperature Increase Protection
When the incorporated temperature sensor detects an abnormal temperature increase in the motor, the alarm LED blinks (repeating 0.5-sec. ON – 0.5-sec. OFF) and the power supply to the motor is stopped until the temperature decreases to an acceptable level. This electronic actuator is designed to resume automatically power supply to the motor. It takes longer to resume normal operation when ambient temperature is higher.
• Restart Limiting Timer
This unit is equipped with a timer protecting the motor from overheating. The timer prevents the motor from restarting for a certain interval once the motor has been stopped within deadband.
When the high temperature protection is activated in a high temperature ambient, adjust the timer to a longer interval.
• Motor Preheat Function
When this unit detects a temperature lower than 0°C or 32°F (approximate) on the surface of its motor, this unit supplies current to the motor in order to warm up and maintain its surface temperature at 5°C or 41°F (approximate).
Maintain the power supply ON when this unit is used in the ambient temperature below 0°C or 32°F.
• Sealing Spring
The PSN is incorporated with springs to maintain sealing pressure when the valve is fully closed. Choose an appropriate sealing pressure.
These springs provide the same pressure at both fully closed and fully open positions.
Do not apply a greater pressure to the spring than specified.



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